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  • Is it possible to make an appointment?
    Oh sure. That is not a problem at all. An appointment with us in the studio is even desirable. We like to show how we work and what we do. Questions about your own label, corporate clothing or items from our shop?
  • I actually want to have something very specific printed, is that possible?
    We produce all kinds of prints on clothing. We do draw a line if the print is hateful and/or offensive. We base ourselves on Dutch norms and values and will therefore not produce anything that discriminates or intimidates.
  • What is the expected delivery time of work clothing.
    In a corporate clothing (workwear) process, we often first look at the circulation. For orders of less than 10 pieces, it may take a week or two. For a larger project we are quickly looking at two to three weeks. We are also dependent on distributors who supply us with the clothing and sometimes also the transfers. But also, at the same time, the distributor that delivers it to our customer.
  • Why are you called Project 4?
    It's not that we only do 4 projects at the same time. The big bosses of Project 4 have 3 other companies. Project 4 was simply the fourth project. Project 4 is depicted with 4 circles and a rectangle. That is literally Morse code for the number 4.
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