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Project 4 is a Dutch fun-style brand known for its diverse fashion collections, unique prints, and stylish workwear.

Based in Halfweg, our brand offers a wide range of high-quality items for everyone. In addition to clothing, we also have other products such as stickers, dibond, and interior items that add an extra touch to your life.

Founded in 2022, Project 4 embodies an effective fashionable appearance with humorous prints that bring a smile to your face. Proud, determined, and in harmony with our young and ambitious audience, we bring the desires of ordinary people within reach of everyone who works hard for their money.

We challenge you to challenge yourself and others.

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Our philosophy

We believe in open and honest communication at all levels. Our team strives for transparency, which means we communicate directly and clearly with each other and with our customers. This promotes efficient collaboration and ensures clear expectations.

At Project4, the customer is at the center. We aim to make the experience for our customers as easy and seamless as possible. Whether it's ordering our products online or receiving customer support, we aim for user-friendliness in everything we do.

Quality is the cornerstone of our work. We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, whether it's our fashion collections, stickers, dibond products, or interior items. We work hard to meet the expectations of our customers and strive for products that last long and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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